August Portal Opening -Accessing the new self, Alba Weinaman in Foster City & My New Meditation Space in SF

August 7, 2018

We have been going through many levels of cleansing and not only on an individual level but our entire world is going through a cleansing.  All systems and structures of control or belief are being cleaned from the inside out. I want to stay away from suggesting a puritan perspective of right and wrong. Because what we are coming into is actually balance. We see this in Politics, entertainment, health, information and well being any one of these sectors that have been infected by imbalance in any way are being cleared and re-balanced.  


We cannot come into balance without emptying the two sides of the scales so that they can re balance themselves in the highest vibration possible. The universe automatically will reset to the highest vibration possible because the architecture of this universe is constant evolution. It is movement and always forward which will move through higher waves and lower waves but never tracing back through old energies of programs or information.

the time in between eclipses of fist of august and august 12 is a window in which we are choosing our new identity. The New self of the "New World" per say. the new dimetional energy is one of unity and integration. Anything outside of that will now make it through. Our timelines are being constantly altered in order to slow down this healing of the earth and at the same time. the duality and light is working to clean out the heavy low vibration here on the planet. 


As we are evolving , the low, stagnant and heavy energy which provides a substantial  life force or the representation of stagnant energy in our matrix universe is being cleansed and healed. The altered timelines that have been inserted on a global level as well as individual level are not longer in alignment with the new timelines that are vibrationally available to us. Our evolution and Healing makes it so that we can see these possible timelines in our life. It is like a silent guidance through our life that offers us constantly the opportunity for change. 


Our life is far more complex than we believe. our choices, emotions and thoughts are constantly opening silent portals to potential timelines changes. Our life is created by our subconscious mind. We attract everything that mirrors our subconscious vibration at any given time throughout out life.


The movement of body awareness (yoga/qigong) was a timeline shift inserted from the "light" over the past 10 years into mainstream in order to assist us in reconnecting from sever numbing of the body and mind connection. In this same way mindfulness entered mainstream, meditation, ayurveda, deprivation tanks, plant based diets, all these are very simple example.  That we are provided with the tools we need in order to heal our organism. 


The Planet is like a cell. that requires regeneration and also intelligently provides itself healing opportunities the universe operates this same way and we as humans operate in this same way as well. on every level we have the opportunity down to the cellular level to regenerate heal and evolve. With a symbiotic relationship to our surroundings. 


This communication and awareness is only possible if we find the silence and disconnect from the frequency that we are being fed in order to confused disconnect and remove us from our selves. The energetic gateway that is up for us now on August 11, is defining that new self from the inside out.  Any anxiety that one feels or low vibration emotions are there to assist you in healing.