How to prepare for a DNA Reprogramming

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How to prepare

All sessions are virtual


Important mandatory  Procedures For the session:

1. Create an account on this website using the email used to secure your appointment.

2. Prepare up to 20 questions for your session - Email these questions 24 hrs prior to the session, or the session will  be rescheduled.  Please send your questions through the messaging portal of your account. Please do not send them to any other email they will not be registered at the  time of your appointment.

3. I will conduct a preliminary interview to better understand your goals

4. Must have a Headset, please read technical requirements below.

The use of remote hypnotherapy via Zoom is as effective as an in-person session. Often people experience better overall experiences due to the fact that they are in their own comfort zones at home.

Hypnosis is all about focused listening & relaxation; physical touch is not a necessary part of a hypnosis session. 

As long as you are able to get comfortable, feel safe and hear my voice, that’s all that’s needed to have a successful, transformative experience!

What do you need for online hypnotherapy sessions?

  1. Zoom video conferencing account. Free to sign up.

  2. You can use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Please ensure your device is connected to power for the session. It also needs to be positioned where you can see and hear your therapist clearly and so that your therapist can see and hear you.

  3. Notification must be turned off.

  4. Please be sure to have a headset or headphones for the session that includes a microphone

  5. All other devices need to be switched off or placed out of the room so as not to distract you.

  6. No session may be done through a cell phone. Appointment will be canceled and rescheduled.

  7. A quiet comfortable room where you will not be disturbed or distracted. It is recommended you leave your pets outside the room.

  8. A comfortable  recliner, bed or sofa, in which you can lay down/ lean back into in order to relax with a  supported back, slightly elevate your feet where you can relax and where your face is visible during the session.

  9. A pillow and a blanket (optional), glass of water, box of tissues.

What can be easier than getting the help you need in the comfort of your own home?

Take advantage of this amazing ability to connect anywhere in the world and get the assistance you are looking for. With hypnosis you can reach your goals and make powerful progress and transformation.



Before the session meditate on the blockages you are familiar with. If you are unsure of what blockages you have, you may take into account repetitive patterns of emotions and events you recognize you experience and wish to change. If you have already had a DNA Reprogramming use this technique to assist you Running Energy Daily.

We are 98% water, when we are hydrated everything is flowing properly in the body, this also means that the body can move energy through the body better.  Drink water before AND especially AFTER the session to flush out the physical aspects of the blockages removed from the multidimensional body. 

Drink Water!- if experience soreness in the body after a DNA Reprogramming when they are not properly hydrated. This is because of the emotional release of blacked emotions suppressed for a long time. Sometimes your entire life. So there will be some release in the body. All that is needed is to embody and surround yourself with self-love and drink water.

Technical Preparation

  • Please be sure to have a STRONG & Stable Internet connection. 

I recommend that you have a hard-wire connection. Please be prepared to connect to a hardwired connection. 

Here are instructions on how to do that

  • You may not use your cell phone for the session. 

  • You must use a device with a camera and secure connection that will not be interrupted by calls or messages, or alerts at any time.

  • Phone must be on SILENT- No notifications or alerts to disturb your recording 


  • The Session is scheduled for up to 3 hours. Please block out this undisturbed time for the session.

  • Please choose a location where you have privacy. Kindly do not have any noise or other beings or loud animals around you at the time of the session. We will touch topics that may be very sensitive and private to you. Please provide yourself with the necessary healing space to do so.

  • This is a dedicated healing time for YOUR SOUL in which. Anything that will take away from this time will interrupt our ability to do the work that we are meant to do together.

  • Everything is divine timing. If you have connection issues at the time of the session we may trouble shoot for up to 15 mins however after that the session will be rescheduled, no refunds are available at this point. Kindly prepare. 

  • Change is the only constant in life.  Heal, as every moment is a rebirth! I cant wait to meet you!  

  • All my Love