After Your DNA Reprogramming Session

What to do after DNA REPROGRAMMING

1.  Drink lots and lots of water.

2.  Do not lift any heavy objects.

3.  Try and lie down and relax for a few hours, if possible.

4.  Try to not watch any TV and just let your mind go.

5.  Try to not engage in any triggering conversations with others, especially any negativity.  It would probably be best if you were alone.

6.  Try to still your mind and remove any thoughts from your head.

7.  Just lay there, relax and allow the energies to be absorbed by your body.

8.  Do not eat anything for a few hours after the healing, just drink water.

9.  Ask the energies to help you remove anything that is not for your highest and best good or anything that no longer serve you.

10.  Allow the energies to remove any attachments or cords that no longer serve you.

11.  Allow the energies to remove any karma that you may have.

12.  Allow the energies to help you with whatever you feel you need help with, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically.

13.  Do not have any expectations with respect to the work the energies will do.

14.  Do not be frustrated if your situation does not change.  There may be a higher reason that it is not changing.  Just accept it and be grateful.

15.  Trust that the energies will help you and continue from that moment on as if you are healed and have faith that you are healed.  Healing may take some time, so give the energies time to do what they need to do.

16. CONTINUE DOING THE WORK DAILY - you not only received a healing but a training . you now know how to heal your own body and work with your own trauma. I am here to support you when you are ready to go deeper. 

here is the daily meditation I ask you do! this will help you Break Daily Karmic Contracts and help  the spirit move through healing and slowly evolve.


18. GPAC




19. Love Yourself - Remember that you are worthy of living a life filled with infinite possibilities. you are infinite consciousness becoming aware of itself.. live that way. Honor the beautiful intelligence of the complex organism you are. Make choices that allow you to flourish and thrive into your highest  possible expression in waking time, dream time and even death afterlife.


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