What to do After a DNA Reprogramming

What to do after DNA REPROGRAMMING 1. Drink lots and lots of water. ​ 2. Do not lift any heavy objects. ​ 3. Try and lie down and relax for a few hours, if possible. ​ 4. Try to not watch any TV and just let your mind go. ​ 5. Try to not engage in any drama conversations with others, especially any negativity. It would probably be best if you were alone. ​ 6. Try to still your mind and remove any thoughts from your head. ​ 7. Just lay there, relax and allow the energies to be absorbed by your body. ​ 8. Do not eat anything for a few hours after the healing, just drink water. ​ 9. Ask the energies to help you remove anything that is not for your highest and best good or anything tha



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