Are you or Aren't you? The Higher Self - Eclipse 2019

We have been going through some incredibly interesting last 2 months. Almost as if our consciousness passed through a thigh binding fog. Our inner connection questioned, hit by a hard stream of needing to escape and hide from that which highlights our deepest pain. Distraction from our connection, and from finding and bringing that inner calling into fruition. i have received hundreds of emails of people having difficulty with their meditation and connection to source. This was a loud invitation for deeper integration. Challenged by the events that have presented themselves before us over the past 3 months. Those of you that have been working on their integration and trying to attain a deepe

5 Things To Focus On In 2019

Need some NYE Resolutions? Here are a few we may consider this 2019: listen to The Spiritual You Archive to go deeper or click link below. Listen to the complete Show 1. Let go of the illusion that the material world means something. We came into the physical body at birth with nothing and we will leave the same. To exit the matrix, please understand that there is absolutely no point in striving for &getting stressed about physical things. All things are consciousness experiencing through you. There is no need to dwelling on the past with regret or nostalgia for things lost. Change is part of the experience. There is less point in worrying about things that have not even happened! Instead fo



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