Why you need to Align your Chakras NOW

If you’re feeling run down, lacking in energy, depressed or unhealthy, it’s possible that your chakras are out of alignment. Maintaining a healthy body and mind that are perfectly in balance with one another is a difficult, near-impossible endeavor. This process, called homeostasis, can provide the means by which we achieve harmony between all the different chemicals, hormones, microorganisms and more. The further we move away from this harmonized state of being, the greater our chances of both physical and mental illness are. Balancing your chakras provides an age-old mechanism with which you can return your body and consciousness back to homeostasis, and keep it that way. What Are Chakra C

31Meditations To 2019

Have you subscribed to Join the 31 Meditations to 2019? We start DAY 1 December 1st. Change in this world starts with YOU my love! Take the time to connect to your highest expression daily! Create a healthy routine before the year ends and utilize this time to heal and integrate all past experiences from the year. How much longer will you delay addressing those pesky triggers, emotions, and thoughts that rule the way to you feel and interact with the world around you. Train your body to be in a state of high awareness utilizing tools of awareness on a daily basis. Are you not tired of the same results in your life over and over again? During this continuous time of transformation and change



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