You Are Pure Consciousness - Live Transmission By Geraldine Orozco

I share this information with you with balance and unconditional love in hopes that it may help inspire the search for truth, light and help strengthen your connection to source on your journey. -Geraldine (Repost- On August 12, 2018 in San Francisco, a group of spiritually-awakened souls met for a gathering to experience regression, clearing and connection. Alba Weinman facilitated a group hypnosis session where all of them went into their own trance as Geraldine Orozco's Higher Self channeled the answers to questions that were submitted by the audience. Our intention is to shine the light where there is darkness. We are calling on the Spiritual Warriors to get together f

Ascension - A Gathering in Los Angeles w/ Alba Weinman

I am so Excited to be in LA please Join us for a full day of deep healing, self discovery, and connection. Uniting a collection of High Vibrational souls. October 21, 2018 ​ We have created a very special event dedicated to the light worker, the healer and the conscious seeker, All those looking to connect, & advance in their healing and ascension Journey. - Experience a transformative Group Regression - Discover . Share . Integrate . Develop New Friendships - Connect with a specially curated forum to assist your self discovery journey. - Experience a Powerful DNA Reprogramming Target and identify Life blockages - Release - Heal and Reintegrate Fractals of the soul. - Learn to eliminat

8 Ways To Overcome Toxic Shame

Shame is a very powerful emotion that when not acknowledged and processed fully within us can paralyze our lives, Emotionally, spiritually and physically. Creating limiting thoughts and fear based programs in our mind that influence our actions perceptionsand emotions. Shame is the result of fear of judgment within an incomplete and dualistic perspective. Truth is inclusive of all possible realities. Often times when we trigger pain or suffering in others we are acting from fear and from an inability to process our own pain and fear. In order to act from a place of neutrality and authenticity we must be aware of ourselves, of our darkness and of our light, as well as the healing our inner



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