Spiritual Resilliance

The Eb and flow of evolution is like sitting on the foreshore of the beach, New lessons come in waves, sometimes gentle, sometimes crashing and yet we must avoid being pulled too far in the ocean or tossed ashore. This is how I have experienced much of the years of my spiritual work. I cant believe it has been calm for anyone that has worked with the internal disembodiment of false identities and ego. When we experience things in life and I am referring to every day life. whether we are in the office interacting with our colleagues and friends or family. We often feel emotions rise and fall throughout the day. Its within these emotions that the key to understanding ourselves lies. there are

August Portal Opening -Accessing the new self, Alba Weinaman in Foster City & My New Meditation

We have been going through many levels of cleansing and not only on an individual level but our entire world is going through a cleansing. All systems and structures of control or belief are being cleaned from the inside out. I want to stay away from suggesting a puritan perspective of right and wrong. Because what we are coming into is actually balance. We see this in Politics, entertainment, health, information and well being any one of these sectors that have been infected by imbalance in any way are being cleared and re-balanced. We cannot come into balance without emptying the two sides of the scales so that they can re balance themselves in the highest vibration possible. The universe



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