Alien Abductions & What It Has To Do With Our Collective Evolution

I had the pleasure of spending new years eve with the wonderful Billy Rood of FIFTY8 Magazine which is Synthesis of Ancient Knowledge, New Age Theories, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Science Fiction, Spirituality, Time Travel and the hypnosis work of Dolores Cannon to EMPOWER your mind & END Suffering. please check out his magazine here: We discussed some important topics regarding abductions, the hybridization program and what it all has to do with the Collective evolution of all on the planet. please enjoy, anyone that would like to discus their abduction stories please write me at' Unconditional Love and Source Connection. Ger

3Days of Silence, Preparing to Cross Over & A Message From Source

I I just returned from 3 days of silence and it was a powerful experience, to say the least. It was important to me to begin this year, 2018, with clear intention and vision of what I am creating. Also the message I am intending to put out. Since this summer, I feel like I have been catching up with hundreds of emails. I can't deny that with so much changing over the last 6 months I felt a very strong sense of urgency to do everything at once. Reply to every email and to get out as much information as possible. But some days there are just not enough hours in the day. I could feel myself feeling a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. how do others do it? I will do it regardless. Day ONE 1

Birth and Death... Here's to both!

To my readers. There are no words that could sum up this year. As I take a very long deep breath. I feel blessed to be celebrating this birthing; completely conscious of my emotions and surroundings, both internally and externally, in solace and peace. Today I am celebrating new years exactly how I have wanted for many years. That is, to be in complete contemplation of everything that has occurred. It is important to take the time to look back fearless, and with authenticity. This year marks the end of an old paradigm for some of us. Leaving behind unconscious actions, thoughts, and words. Not rising from a simple compulsion of fear or suppression. But a true deep expression and understa



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