Clearing Holiday Stress & Cutting Cords

I had awesome questions during our session yesterday regarding cutting cords: Question: Can cords be positive at times? Answer: E. Awesome question!! cords are an energetic exchange that occurs when we are not conscious of our space. The ideal conscious interaction occurs when both parties are balanced and grounded, with each participant owning their space. What tends to happen in all relationships from: friends, family, siblings children and partners, Is that we play an energetic dynamic of give and take. The problem is that this dynamic stems from the perception of the subconscious mind. Which stores all programs created through each persons experience. Do you see how this perception can b

New Years 8 Day Cyber Meditation Retreat + 3 day silent retreat - Join me Jan 1-8

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words or Actions -Join me in welcoming the new year in silence, holding a powerful new vibration. I will be entering in 3 day silent retreat starting Jan 1st till Jan 3rd breaking only to lead 30 min meditation live on Facebook everyday at 12 noon I will not be taking any calls or Emails nor any appointments for that date as they have been blacked out from the calendar. I Invite you to join me as well! After the 3rd I will be continuing service as per my normal schedule from the 4th to the 8th and leading a Cyber Meditation for all who wish to join. Please join me in an 8 Day Mental Detox. Connecting to the Council this weekend I have learned and received importan

Eliminate Illness From The Body

people have been writing me about being very sick this season. Here is a healing technique that I use when I want to eliminate sickness from

Learn my 15 min Source Re-Alignment GPAC

Learn my 15 min Source Re-Alignment wherever you are, practice the basics of energetic hygiene, protection and empowerment to thrive through your busy day! Your source connection and conscious creation is imperative to the healing of this planet. Raise Your vibration with me in just 15 min. Let's get to work: Learn to: GROUND- YOURSELF PROTECT- Own your energetic space wherever you are, whatever your doing. ALIGN- Your energy centers, perspective and overall health. Manifest by aligning your intention with what you are CREATING. L O V E Y O U R S E L F G P A C GROUND PROTECT ALIGN CREATE WWW.BayAreaMeditation.COM



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