Harness Your Brain's Full Potential

Harness Your Brain's Full Potential Deep meditation offers your nervous system a super fertile atmosphere, triggering enormously positive transformations in your body and brain. Just as higher levels of exercise force your body to strengthen and develop, the higher levels of neurostimulation provided through meditation forces your nervous system into optimal performance. Illustration: Brainwave Synchronization Meditation can balance both brain hemispheres, alowing them to work in sync. What is the result? Neuro- communication of thoughts & responses multiply, resulting in a better performing, more integrated system, optimizing both mental & emotional health. How Your Brain/Body Respond to Th

Rejuvenate With Meditation

Meditation increases feelings of vitality and rejuvenation Throughout history mankind has searched for an anti-aging key and the secret to rejuvenation. Royalty sent voyagers around the planet in search of it, and people from all walks of life have sought or tried a variety of supposed remedies. From herbal elixirs to grotesque practices, ancient anti-aging methods were often based more on myth than fact. While we may never find that fountain of youth or elixir of life through the Philosopher’s Stone, we can rejuvenate the mind and body with the help of meditation. As damaged cells accumulate, they hinder proper organ function and skin elasticity. The skin shows this most of all, of course,

The Power of Meditation

Known Benefits Of Meditation Backed By Modern Science Once relegated to the realm of new-agey pesudo-science. There’s now hard evidience to back up the many benefits of meditation for the mind, body and spirit. Effects On The Mind Increases gray matter Cultivates power Builds focus and concentration Boosts cognitive function Effects On The Body Decreases pain Boosts immune system Lowers blood pressure Eases inflammation Reduces heart risks Effects On The Spirit or Energy(Qi) Builds self-knowledge Increases compassion Improves empathy Helps relationship satisfaction More Positive Benefits That Overlaps Mind, Body, and Spirit Reduces depression Physically changes the brain Reduces loneliness C

Can You stop judging others?

Judgment is interesting. When I see judgement in the people I work with and especially withing myself, It manifests as a doorway to the deepest fears within ourselves. The same way we judge others is how we are afraid of being judged. We all have different parameters of morals, ethics and acceptance but in truth, it is our very judgment that is a jail cell. Within this jail cell we inhibit our deepest longings, desires and our true definition lies entangled between the shoulds' and should nots of the world we perceive around us. Who would you "really" be if you could act, and do what you truly desired and felt to express. The world would be full of fearsome spirits living in full empowerme

Thoughts & Emotions are Vibrations

If you have ever taken an #art class in color theory or basic #science you know that every color has a vibration. You know that we are affected by color because it causes different effects on our phycology or emotions and even our health. If you are in the #marketing field you know that by using certain colors you can engage a larger target audience to your specified products. I will discuss this in a future post. Because everything is energy and vibration we resonate at different levels depending on our thoughts and emotional states. DO YOU REALIZE THE POWER OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS? everything around you can be altered from this perspective and that's what we ate going to learn at

Our Multidimensional Bodies

Our human bodies are such complex and magical tools of energy in combination with our physical body we are a super powers of energy that are interconnected with our thoughts, emotions and those connect to specific body parts through energy vortexes called chakras. Why is this important? because our life is connected to everything around us in a multidimensional way and when we feel other peoples energy for example "bad mood" we dont often stop to question how it has affected us until we tooare mans are not the only creatures with auras, however. Every living thing has an aura around it, which can only be seen in certain conditions and with adequate training. Auras usually appear as a glow e

Self Love Meditation

Friday is a perfect day to dedicate a moment to nurturing yourself and loving yourself. Your week was long and hard. And the monotony and energy in the office required a lot of you. We often feel drained and exasperated to get out of that environment. Things don't always go as we hope and plan and we have to realize that the attachment to results is an illusion we can easily discard. Take five mins today to bring your externalized attention back into your body. 1- Ground yourself 2- Engage your Aurasphere 3- Visualize you are floating in a sea of a million stars sparkling all around you in the universe. 4- Visualize that as you look at your body you are actually one of those stars shim

Why it's hard to love yourself

Happy Friday When we meditate and experience the internal universe and the connection and oneness that we all are. We finally start to come full circle back to a state of wholeness and appreciation for our true nature. Since childhood we recognize the world as, not such a welcoming environment. Immediately we realize that it is not in alignment with our true nature. Causing us #confusion and self doubt #Pain and #separation from our-self as we begin to mimic the outside world we see everyone's attempt to "fit in" and externalize what we feel and think. We are blinded by our fear, and cannot see that it is in fact the cause of our seperation. When I first talk about self love there is a huge



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