How to prepare for DNA Reprogramming

How to prepare

All sessions held through zoom only - Please be sure you are reading the instructions for the correct appointment in order to be prepared for the day of your session.

DNA Reprogramming

  1. Please be sure to allocate sufficient undisturbed time for this 90 Min Healing



The full 1.5 hour session includes the following:


1. Activation and training on utilizing the technology of the body.


2. I read your chakra system and multidimensional body to identify blockages, cords, contracts and fragmentation of the soul.


3. We identify your highest vibrational signature. (you will learn to use this)


4. You are guided  into a deep meditation and regressed in memory utilizing hypnotic therapy techniques.


5.  We identify the Root cause of the blockages.


6. We work with these events and heal cyclical ancestral patterns and trauma.


7. We identify the lineage which holds these programs and deprogram trauma, accessing their grid origin on the plant. Were we release ancestral soul edits.


8. We integrate source fragments


9. We utilize A unique Vibrational Frequency to Heal your organism and reprogram your DNA.


10.  The multidimensional body is then scanned to remove and clear blockages/entities, contractual agreements with illness and cords.


11.  The Chakras are cleared and re-balanced.




12. A complete realignment and re-connection to source.



This healing must be done in doors. This healing is offered Onsite by appointment  ONLY in (SF) by phone request or through ZOOM internationally. (Sessions are currently held through zoom only.)



If you wish to have ME Travel or in person appointment -   within or OUTSIDE THE SF BAY AREA this can be arranged by scheduling an appointment at least 2 months in advanced and travel arrangements must be made BY PHONE.



, No refunds are issued for one on one sessions. Please be sure to read the how-to prepare section for your session.cancellations For


All communications must be documented in your account, please be sure to create an account on this website in order to change or discuss your upcoming session.

Technical Preparation

Create an account on this website in order to receive important communications regarding your appointment. Please be sure to access your appointment details through this portal. Any communications sent to any other emails or social media outlets will not be documented and visible at the time of the appointment.

  • Please be sure to have a STRONG & Stable Internet connection. 

I recommend that you have a hard-wire connection. Please be prepared to connect to a hardwired connection. 

here are instructions on how to do that

  • You may not use your cell phone for the session. 

  • A headset with Microphone set is required

  • You must use a device with a camera and secure connection that will not be interrupted by calls or messages, or sounds at any time.

  • Phone must be on SILENT- No notifications or alerts to disturb your recording 

  • please DO record the session. You are responsible for your own recording of the session. You may use an application like, Voice memo or Voice recorder. (these are free apps that either come pre-installed on your phone or require a quick download.) kindly do this before the session so as to not take up time. 

  • The Session is scheduled for an hour and a half. However, we will take as long as is required to reach the root cause of the blockage. Some issues are very complex and require additional understanding of memories, you may also use this time for Q and A. please block out 2 hours for the session of undisturbed time.

  • Please choose a location where you have privacy. Kindly do not have any noise or other beings or loud animals around you at the time of the session. We will touch topics that may be very sensitive and private to you. Please provide yourself with the necessary healing space to do so.

  • This is a dedicated healing time for YOUR SOUL in which. Anything that will take away from this time will interrupt our ability to do the work that we are meant to do together.

  • Everything is divine timing. If you have connection issues at the time of the session we may trouble shoot for up to 15 mins, however after that the session will be rescheduled, no refunds are available at this point. Kindly prepare ahead of time in order to avoid any delays in your healing time.

Change is the only constant in life.  Heal, as every moment is a rebirth! I can't wait to meet you!  


is the application of hypnosis and advanced meditation

techniques to guide you step by step into a deep state of consciousness, Alpha State. This process will be different for everyone, and you may be guided as deep as possible in order to access these suppressed memories. This is a gentile process in which you are able to access all aspects of the past, present and beyond in order to access the root cause of the blockages. These Blockages project into your present reality.  

Blockages that can be removed:

  • Money, Abundance, lack, creative, guilt and shame of money

  • Career - conflicts, toxic environments, change in career

  • Sexual Blockages: Trauma, Abuse, physical issues, Mother, Father issues.

  • Family and Ancestral Blockages: Cyclical ancestral trauma, cyclical abuse, collective healing. 

  • Spiritual: Blockages, disconnection,  toxic belief systems, Religious beliefs, Entities Attachments. 

  • Emotional: Trauma, Abuse, limiting programs, Suppression of old emotions. 

Before the session, meditate on the blockages you are familiar with. If you are unsure of what blockages you have, you may take into account repetitive patterns of emotions and events you recognize you experience and wish to change. 

We are 98% water, when we are hydrated everything is flowing properly in the body, this also means that the body can move energy through the body better.  Drink water before AND especially AFTER the session to flush out the physical aspects of the blockages removed from the multidimensional body. 

Drink Water!- if experience soreness in the body after a DNA Reprogramming when they are not properly hydrated. This is because of the emotional release of blacked emotions suppressed for a long time. Sometimes your entire life. So there will be some release in the body. All that is needed is to embody and surround yourself with self-love and drink water.

All my Love