Geraldine Y. Orozco

  • CHT,

  • CMMT,

  • NLP, MBSR,

  • DNA Reprogramming, Intl

  • Speaker

  • Writer

  • Radio Host

  • YouTube

  • Corporate Meditation Programs

  • Educator- 

  • Holographic DNA Re-programmer,

  • Quantum Energy Healer

  • Shamanic Energy Healer

  • Pranic Energy Healer

  • Mindfulness Based Stres Reduction

  • Mediation Instructor

  • QiGong Master I,II,III

  • Ascension Coach & Experiencer.

" Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we evolve, the universe evolves. For we are the universe. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one, Lets get started!" -Geraldine

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About Me

Welcome, Bay Area Meditation was founded in 2009 with a vision to create accessible and simple meditation programs for companies in the silicon valley. A former CEO and entrepreneur Geraldine Orozco realized that meditation was an integral part of her success in business, relationships and her spiritual journey.  Geraldine grew up in the San Francisco Bay area to a caring and loving family. She began her meditation practice at the age of 15 under the mentor ship of her father. After attending FIDM she embarked as an Interior Designer, International Flight attendant and then entered the corporate world within the telecom industry. Once introduced to the import/export industry as well as event management, Geraldine fell in love with the business and decided to invest in event rental assets. She funded many investments until she found success with an event planning boutique business in 2009. Her interest in healing modalities deepened after the death of her partner in 2010. As a result, she become certified in Holistic Stress Management and studied several different meditation modalities under shamans, teachers and healers. Became certified in a Pranic Energy Healing and Quantum Energy Healing. Dedicated to understanding the true meaning of love sent her on a deep journey to self discovery. Embodying a complete deconstruction of belief systems and matrix programming that no longer aligned. 


In 2013, Geraldine Experienced a life changing inter-dimensional contact experience which resulted in the activation of psychic abilities and a powerful sensitivity to the human energy fields. This life changing event forced her to take time off her busy career to assimilate. Realizing that her life would never be the same again, In 2017 Geraldine made yet another life changing decision. With many questions that were unanswered she decided to undergo hypnosis regression Therapy. This resulted in an even further activation of psychic abilities including holographic healing of the chakras and multidimensional body.


After a near Death Experience in 2018 Geraldine began to receive vibrational frequency downloads and speaking light language.

Regressions, uncovered a life-long history of abduction and participation in human hybridization, with 24 hybrid children as the result.  These Experiences prompted a powerful paradigm shift and resulted the sale of her business and leaving of her career.


Geraldine utilizes her deep understanding of the multidimensional body with connection to house source life force manifests in the physical plane. She is able to see how DNA is written. Through her visionary gifts and ability to access, identify, heal and transmute trauma fragmentation she has been able to guide hundreds of people to life changing realizations.


DNA Reprogramming is a powerful healing modality used to assist those that are on a serious journey to end personal suffering, Transform toxic thought programs and heal ancestral trauma. Mind, body, and soul.


Geraldine now dedicates herself to the dissemination of knowledge of hybridization programs and the correction of the commonly held dogma of the human genetic timeline, historical record and human bio structure. She is currently writing her first book. DNA Origins and the Human Hybridization Program.

She has founded, An international support group for Hybrid Parents experiencing contact.


Geraldine's Inspirational story is now part of a 16 time winning Documentary called Extraordinary the seeding focused on the hybridization program.

She is a Radio host, Artist. Speaker and Healer. 

She believes that unconditional Love is the key, as the soul creates through this temporary experience we call life. 

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