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         Welcome to Bay Area Meditation I am a                             Certified Holistic Stress Management and                                   Meditation Instructor, Pranic Energy Healer,                                 Certified Quantum Energy Healer, Psychic,                                 Akashic Intuitive, Qi-Gong Instructor, Remote                                 Viewer, Ascension Coach, Radio host,                                       Experiencer, Writer & Artist. 

With over 14 years experience in the holistic arts and my own awakening in 2009. I work directly with source intuitively

Connecting with each person I work with. My psychic abilities began in 2008 after I began my shamanic energy training and enhanced in 2013 after a life-changing experience, in which I was directed into my deeper purpose. Developing these advanced abilities to see the energetic and multidimensional body facilitate a powerful, deeper and more connected guidance and healing of each person I work with.


My work focuses on the integration of the multidimensional body by assisting you in opening a direct connection to source. Breaking contractual agreements with family and life blockages through your transformation. Merging dualities of the divine masculine and feminine in order to learn how to love the self unconditionally. I train you to reprogram your DNA in order to leave the reincarnation cycle.


Mastering our complex physical instruments (our Bodies) is the key to healing the collective consciousness and leaving the illusion of pain and suffering.


Health starts in the mind! Dozens of medical studies around the world are confirming the importance of meditation in a healthy lifestyle.  Learn about the science of mediation by clicking here!





                                - Geraldine 

Intuitive Pranic Energy Healer -

Meditation Instructor - Ascension

Coach & Experiencer.