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MY Services.

DNA Reprogramming Includes:

1. Activation of the technology of the body
2.Regression to access key points of blockage. reprogram Cyclical trauma

.integrate source fractals.
3.Complete multidimensional body scan & removal of blockages/entities.

destroy karmic contractual agreements

4. Holographic Chakra restoration-

re-connection to source.


Please be sure to have skype installed and a sold wifi connection

In person sessions available only in the SF Bay Area or when traveling (arrangements must be made in advance)

Please do not make travel arrangements prior to confirming your appointment.

if the time you select does not process it means the time is not available.

Please select an alternative time and date

Strict 24 hour after booking Cancellation Policy - Q and A about booking Here


What are People saying
Meditation has changed my view on myself and life over all.  Coming from a troubled youth it was through meditation that i was able to grasp my lifes purpose and really find myself. reconnect.
Geri Abrahams s.

Intuitive and deep healing meditation classes, with insightful feedback!

Carly Cristman

Emotional body Healing Class:
"Thank you so much for opening up your beautiful home. You are a blessing and such a joy" 
Namaste Viki B.
“ EXCELLENT meditation program for corporate groups ”
— Sue on Jun 22, 2016.
Thank you so much for tonight's session! every class just gets better!
S. Singh
"Geraldine is very kind and she has a real intuitive sense for energy. Excellent Class" - J. Fudena
We signed up for In office medtation classes for our team.and i have to say that it has really changed our productivity and in office releationships Over the last 6 months. Meditation has created a very safe and open feel in the office, With the overwhelming amounts of work to be done every day at the office, this one hour class, is an Oasis of heaven to us! thank you for allowing us the space to reconnect! 
Eric Greenbach
"Meitation Has Changed the way I look at life" 
Jessica Bedrigal
When I finally got around to trying meditation, I was lucky to have this class so close to my home.  The beginning classes, on Thursday nights, are very helpful.  They only have you meditate for about 8 minutes, so there is a minimum of overwhelm.

As far as I know, this style of meditation has few religious overtones and is fairly open to your own interpretations (ie, you can sit on a cushion, in a chair, or even lie on the floor).  

As an underemployed person, I really appreciate that I can do something here that's good for my well-being, without spending a lot of money.  

If you attend for a while, and participate in the social activities, you might also find an awesome community of people.
Erica matinez